Sweet Silver: Investing for the Ordinary Joe by Joseph Christopher

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Joseph Christopher
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Sweet Silver: Investing for the Ordinary Joe

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Book review

Sweet Silver
Investing for the Ordinary Joe

Silver, why silver? Why not gold or collectables or blue chip stocks? Why should I invest in silver?

Come along on this journey. We will explore why silver is the best investment out there and one of the most secure. We will explore the many reasons why silver could quite possibly make you a millionaire.

The book begins with some common sense advice that all hard working folks who go to work every day to support their families should know. We go into the history of money and how throughout recorded history silver and gold were used as currency until the very recent creation of paper money. Paper money is losing its value at an alarming rate as it is no longer backed by anything tangible. When you place your savings in paper it is a guarantee that it will buy less and less every day. You may earn interest on it and you may think you are staying ahead, but inflation is much higher despite what they tell us.

So why is silver the answer? First, unlike gold, silver is both a precious metal and an industrial metal. Its uses in industry are numerous from computers to cell phones, photography to health care. Most industrial uses for silver are unrecoverable meaning that once it is used its gone forever. We are using more silver than we are mining and the stockpiles have dwindled. It would take very little investment demand say less than one percent of investors moving into silver to make it skyrocket in price.

Here are some simple facts that help explain why silver is the best place to invest.

¿« In 1900 there was 12 billion ounces of silver in the world. Today it is estimated that there is only 300 million ounces in above ground supply left. Most of it has been consumed by industry, and is unrecoverable.

¿« The amount of silver mined has been less than demand every single year for the past 15 years.

¿« 80% of all silver mined is a byproduct of copper, nickel and other base metal mining. Should the economy continue to slow, demand for base metals would decrease, miners would slow production and much less silver would be brought to the market.

¿« Silver has unparalleled electrical thermal conductivity, and ability to endure extreme temperatures. There are no suitable substitutes in most applications. Making it the only choice for makers of cell phone, computers, flat screen TV¡¦s as well as many other industries, such as aerospace.

¿« Photography has consumed a lot of silver over the years. Digital cameras have taken away some of this demand. But many are finding out that pictures printed on non-silver paper fade badly after a few short years.

¿« Silver is known as the healthy metal. It is known to be a potent bacterialcide as well as a viralcide. It is in wide use for wound treatments such as burns. The term ¡§born with a silver spoon in your mouth¡¨ Has more to do with its health benefits. Bacteria will not grow on silver, which helped keep babies healthier.

¿« ETF¡¦s exchange traded funds. For the first time in history you can now buy physical silver like a stock and have someone else hold it for you. This has greatly increased investment demand and has consumed a lot of silver.

¿« The value of all above ground silver is 4.2 billion. Bill Gates is worth 51 billion, Warren Buffet 40 billion. If one of these guys or any other billionaire tried to move just 10% of there net worth into silver it couldn¡¦t even be done. This is a tiny market that is about to explode.

¿« Silver occurs in the earths crust 20 times more often than gold yet gold is currently worth 50 times more than silver.

¿« In 1980, the last big boom in metals, gold went from $150 dollars to $850 dollars, but silver went from $2 dollars to $50 dollars. Percentage wise silver went up a lot more than gold and I believe it is about to repeat agai

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